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2017 Jubilee Year / 禧年慶典 / 禧年庆典

​This year 2017, our parish is celebrating 150th Anniversary of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church and the Golden Jubilee of the first Chinese Parish in the Archdiocese of Toronto.




Plenary Indulgence for Our Lady of Mount Carmel Jubilee Year 

Our Holy Father, Pope Francis has kindly grants a Marian Jubilee year with the attached Plenary Indulgence to the Christian faithful who are truly penitent and impelled by love, with the customary conditions duly fulfilled (sacramental confession, Eucharistic communion, and prayer according to the intention of the Holy Father), when they visit Our Lady of Mount Carmel parish church in pilgrimage and there devoutly participate in some sacred function or pious exercise in honour of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, or spend an appropriate time praying humbly and earnestly for the conversion of sinners, for obtaining vocations to the priesthood and religious life, and for the defence of the human family, concluding with the Lord's Prayer, the Creed, and invocations to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel. 

The faithful who are hindered by old age, infirmity, or some other serious reason, can likewise obtain the plenary Indulgence if they are sorry for their own sin and have the intention of fulfilling the three customary conditions as soon as possible, and in the presence of some Fatima image join themselves spiritually to the events or pilgrimages of the Jubilee and confidently offer their prayers and the sufferings or inconveniences of their own life to our merciful God, through Mary.







我们的教宗方济各籍此圣母慈悲禧年,特别恩准我们堂区的教友,只要准备妥当,打开心门,真心悔罪及符合以下的规则【辨妥修和圣事(告解,参与圣体圣事(弥撤,及为教宗的意向祈祷】便可享受大赦的恩惠。 而各教区的教友作为朝圣者,来到我们的嘉模圣母堂,若能以一个真实皈依的心,虔诚地做一些神功,为恭敬我们的嘉模圣母,空出个人的自由时间,诚恳地为罪人祈祷,为圣召祈祷,为保卫人类家庭祈祷,结束时,教友亦要念天主经,信经及祈愿无玷贞女嘉模圣母玛利亚垂允我们的请求,均可获得禧年大赦的恩典。

那些因年老,身体虚弱或因其他严重事故受到障碍的信友,如果他们能为自己的罪,表达真心忏悔,有一个真实皈依的心及有意尽快完成三个符合大赦的规则,能在花地玛圣像前,在精神上用心参与圣母慈悲禧年的活动或朝圣,并能恳切地祈祷,把他们的痛苦,困难或不幸,请求圣母代祷,奉献给我们仁慈的天主, 他们同样亦可获得禧年大赦的恩典。