2023 Parish Day

Posted : Apr-29-2023

Mary, Spiritual Mother of The Family Procession/玛利亚、家庭之母圣母游行 /瑪利亞、家庭之母聖母遊行

May 28, 2023 (Pentecost Sunday) we are celebrating 156 Years of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church and the 56 Anniversary of the founding of the first Chinese Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Toronto.

The procession of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, which has been suspended for three years due to the epidemic, however, this procession will be back on May 28 this Sunday ; with the grace that God bestows on our Mother Church, May is the month that we honor Our Lady, we should imitate the faith of Our Lady, imitate her example, follow in the footsteps of Our Lady with a respectful and humble heart, actively spread the Gospel, bear witness to our faith bravely, and spread the [Love of God] Share with the world!

This is our parish's 8th annual Toronto China Town Marian Procession , we are very grateful to everyone for their continuous prayers, financial , material support and help. We  pray that the merciful God will bless you and your family with overflowing Grace! May Our Lady of Mount Carmel  bless you and your family with peace, health and joy!

We are sincerely invite you and your family or friends to participate [The Procession of Our Lady of Mount Carmel]

**Please read the poster below for the details of the  program*****

2023 Marian Procession poster 海報.pdf


  1. There will be no parking spaces in the church, please park your car in the public parking lots near the church.
  2. Please wear a blue T-shirt and cap with our church logo on it. (For our church's parishioners )
  3. Staff please wear a yellow T-shirt with the word "staff" printed on it!

Please come and join us !


五月二十八日 (五旬节主日) 为庆祝圣堂建堂156周年及嘉模圣母堂华人堂区成立56周年纪念活动。

嘉模圣母游行活动,因疫情原因暂停了三年之久,现于今年5月28日(本主日)将会继续举办; 伴随着天主赐与我们慈母教会的恩典,五月是教会恭敬圣母的月份,我们该当效法圣母的信德,效仿她的芳表,怀着一颗恭敬与谦卑的心,紧跟着圣母的脚步,积极宣传福音,勇敢地为信仰做见证,把【天主的爱】分享与世人!

嘉模圣母游行活动到已是第八届,堂区非常感谢大家一直以来不断的祈祷以及在经济、物力上的支持和帮助,在此祈求仁慈的天主降福你和你的家人恩宠满溢,福恩无限! 愿嘉模圣母保佑你和你的家人平安、健康及喜乐!



2023 Marian Procession poster 海報.pdf


  1. 教堂停车位不足,请将车停在圣堂周围公用停车场。
  2. 请穿戴嘉模堂蓝色T恤和帽子。(嘉模堂教友)
  3. 工作人员请穿印有「工作人员」字样的黄色T恤!



五月二十八日 (五旬節主日) 為慶祝聖堂建堂156週年及嘉模聖母堂華人堂區成立56週年紀念活動。





1. 教堂停車位不足,請將車停在聖堂周圍公用停車場。
2. 請穿戴嘉模堂藍色T恤和帽子。(嘉模堂教友)
3. 工作人員請穿印有「工作人員」字樣的黃色T恤!


2023 Marian Procession poster 海報.pdf