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Reopening of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church phase 3

Posted : Jun-09-2021

Ontario is moving to Step 3 of reopening plan on Friday (July 16). However, the physical distancing requirement means that our church do not see significant increases in capacity. Parishioners must follow all the preventive measures when entering the Church (Mask must be worn at all times):

  1. Please disinfect your hands
  2. Please have your body temperature checked
  3. Please register with information: name, phone number, E-mail
  4. Follow the staff instructions for sitting arrangement
  5. Follow the signs when going to the washroom
  6. Follow the staff instructions to receive the Holy Eucharist
  7. When leaving the church, please start to leave from the first row at the back and follow the staff instructions
  8. We provide the following three ways to register:

   (1) Fill in a special form at the entrance of the church.

   (2) Fill in the form in advance at home and hand it to the staff at the entrance of the church.      

   (3) Contact group leader by phone or any other way of communication:

        Cantonese group to Dominic Wong 647-988-8083

        Mandarin group to Lin Yunfa  416-312-2589 or Juanjuan 647-831-7688

Saturday 5:00 pm Mass for Sunday Anticipatory Mass is cancelled until further notice