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OLMC Street Map

​Toronto Chinese Catholic Centre
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church (Founded 1867)
202 St. Patrick Street, Toronto, Ontario M5T 1V4
Tel: 416-598-3920  Fax: 416-598-2908
E-mail: olmountcarmel@archtoronto.org
Website: olmountcarmel.archtoronto.org​ 

We are located at University Ave., and Dundas Street W., (2 blocks away from the St. Patrick Subway Station, across the street from the Police Station 52 division), when you get off the St. Patrick Subway station, walk along Dundas Street W. to the west, turn right at St. Patrick Street, or by street car, get off at the corner of McCaul Street and Dundas Street West, then walk down along Dundas Street West to the East, then turn left at St. Patrick Street, ​pass the parking lots and you will see Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church.

A warm welcome to all new parishioners.  Please register at the information Desk in the parish center. Please inform the Parish Office for any change of address.