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Parish Staff

Pastor and Administrator

Rev. Peter Chin, C.Ss.R : 

Pastor and Adminstrator

Rev. P​eter Chin, C.Ss.R. born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He studied Philosophy and Theology in Melbourne, Australia. In 1975, he was ordained into the Priesthood as a Redemptorist. The following 10 years, he had been spreading God's good news and serving in many countries in the South East Asia, such as Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. afterwards he went back to Melbourne, Australia to study Clinical Psychiatry. After graduation, he went to Singapore to practice for a year. In 1990, he came to Edmonton Canada to work as a Psychotherapist at the Redemptorist's Center for Growth for 4 years. Afterwards he further pursued his Psychiatry studies at Loyola College in Baltimore,USA. He graduated in 1997, then came to Toronto,worked at the South Down Institute as a Psychotherapist to help many of our priests, religious brothers and sisters.

In December 2001, he accepted the invitation from Cardinal Ambrozic of the Archdiocese of Toronto to become the third pastor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church.

Associate Pastor

Rev. John Feng ErhuiFeng Huijun):

Associate Pastor

​​* On Sep.10, 2005,he was ordained into priesthood by Bishop Augustine Hu Daguo.
* 2006 - 2010, he studied in the Philippines and U.S.A.
* On Jan. 1, 2010, he was invited to be the Associate Pastor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church.
* On Jun. 1, 2011, he was incardinated to the Archdiocese of Toronto.​


Motto:  You have to believe in and rely on God for whatever matters, and thank Him continuously in whatever situations. You will discover that He can have everything works for you for your benefit.

Proverb: Rejoice always.Pray without ceasing.In all circumstances give thanks.​​

Day off:  Saturday

Tel:  416-598-3920 Ext.222
Fax: 416-598-2908

Pastoral Assistant and RCIA Cantonese Speaking ​Co-ordinator

Sister Teresa Li - RCIA Cantonese Speaking ​Co-ordinator: 

In 2002, Fr. Peter Chin invited Sister Li of Salesian Sisters to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish to co-ordinate and teach the RCIA Class for the Cantonese speaking groups and in 2014 Fr. Peter Chin invited her to become the Pastoral Assistant. In these past 10 years, Sister Li is very dedicated to spread the Gospel's good news to the catechumens, help them to understand the Catholic Faith and the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, guide them through the journey to baptism to become Catholics. Sister Li is very caring for all parishioners of all ages, especially caring for the youths and seniors, she is the role model of our Chri​stian community.

Every year during the Good Friday's retreat, Sister Li is delighted to be the speaker of the retreat session for the Cantonese Speaking group. Sister Li is also the Spiritual Advisor of the Bible Sharing Group of the OLMC Choir. Sister Li's current profession is a full time high school teacher. During weekends, she dedicates herself to serve the OLMC parish.

Pastoral Assistant

Mary Hua Juan Yu - - Pastoral Assistant 

She has been providing services in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. She has been Chairperson of Youth Club, Vice Chairperson of Mandarin Club, Vice Chairperson of Mandarin Group of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church since 2007. 

She is responsible for liturgy in Mandarin Group in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church Pastoral Council, Youth Groups, organizing soirees and etc. and she assists the priests of this parish in pastoral affairs.