OLMC Outside and Status

Cantonese Choir

​​In 2010, we changed our name from Toron​to Chinese Catholic Centre Choir to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Choir. With Our Lady of Mount Carmel as our patron and role model, we serve the parish by singing in the 11:00 am Cantonese mass. 

If you like singing and you want to praise the Lord with Hymns, you are very welcome to join us. Please come to the third floor or contact us after mass. ​​​

Mission: Worship  God through Mass Hymnal Singing
Main Activities:​​﹕ Choir practice, Serve Mass, Serve Parish
Spiritual Activities:  Bible Sharing, Retreat​
Parish Activities:

Caroling, Parish Day celebration, Concerts                     ​​

Chinese Parishes Activities:​﹕ Midland pilgrimage, Ching Ming Mass​
Evangelization:    Evangelization Concert, Joint Choir activity​
Recreation:     Picnic, Gathering
Mass:   11:00 am Cantonese Mass, 1st, 3rd, 5th Sunday of each month​
Choir Practice:     1 hour before Mass, Parish Center 3rd Floor Choir Room