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Apostleship of Prayer

Apostleship of Prayer was established on September 8, 1975. [All parishioners are welcome to join, with the help of God's grace's help and our mutual love, we celebrate the Christian life and fulfill our mission of evangelization, spreading the words of Christ on the Kingdom of God].

Members are to offer their works, problems and joy through daily prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, for the purpose of sanctifying others. Keeping in touch with all parishioners and assisting them to grow in their faith  in the spirit of Christ, members of the Apostleship of Prayer group will say their prayers and recite the Rosary daily.

Apostleship of Prayer members meet at the last Sunday of every month, after 11:00 am Mass and Benediction, at the Parish Conference Room on "Christian Life Sharing" and served with tea and snack.