OLMC Outside and Status

Altar Service

Who:​ Altar Servers Club of OLMC, 8-14 (Juniors), 15-25 (Seniors), must have received First Communion to join.
What: A young people's club re-established by experienced teacher Simon Yuen in 1989, and is currently managed by the club's leadership team.
Why: To have the greatest honor to serve God, and our Chinese Catholic community for young people, to be the ones CLOSEST to the Eucharist assisting the priest on the altar during mass.
When:​ Sunday 11:00am (Cantonese Mass); 12:45pm (English Mass); 2:30pm (Mandarin Mass).
Where: Club meetings are held on the 2nd week of each month at 1:00pm, at the Parish Hall 2nd Floor.
How: (1) Come to our meetings for more information
(2) Call Jeremy Yip (647-833-2118) or William (647-988-2301)