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Mandarin Choir

The Mandarin Choir was formed in 2002 for the purpose of leading the congregation in the singing during the 2:30 pm Mandarin mass on every Sunday. 

When the choir was formed, it had over twenty members, mostly youth and young adults from mainland China who love music. The hymns chosen by the choir for the Mandarin mass are songs suitable for Catholics come from China. The choir now has about thirty members in total and practice on every Sundays one hour before the mass in the basement. 

The Mandarin Choir is also actively participated in other parish events, such as performing Chinese folk dance in the Christmas variety show, Chinese New Year celebration activities and many other parish functions, receiving great applause from the parishioners. With music, song and dance, the Mandarin Choir praises the Lord and serves the parish and the parishioners.‚Äč