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Parish History:

The original church was a small wooden building on William Street (renamed St. Patrick Street in 1918). It was burnt down on June 22, 1865. Father J.M. Laurent, the first resident pastor appointed in 1867, built the fine Gothic Church in 1869 and was completed in 1870. The new church was consecrated by Archbishop Lynch of Toronto on Sunday, November 20, 1870.

The Redemptorists were given charge of the church on January 15, 1881. Due to the expanded Irish and German population in Toronto, a bigger St. Patrick Church was built on McCaul Street in 1908. The vacant church was given to the Italian Catholic Community in 1908 and was named "Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church". The Italian Catholic Community stayed until 1967 and the church was assigned to the Portuguese community from 1965 to 1969.

Realizing the need of a Chinese Catholic Parish in Toronto, Father Louis Tchang of Montreal came to Toronto in January 1967. With approximately 80 parishioners, Father Tchang celebrated the first Holy Mass in the Chinese language on Sunday, February 12, 1967 (it was also the fourth day of the Lunar Chinese New Year) at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church which was used by the Portuguese community.

Subsequent masses were celebrated at St. Patrick Church on McCaul Street until we purchased a former Jewish synagogue on Cecil Street in Spadina Chinatown on September 1967. As the Chinese Catholic population grew, the Archdiocese of Toronto granted Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church to the Chinese Catholic community in the fall of 1969. This becomes the first church in Metropolitan Toronto for the Chinese Catholic community. During the 1970's, the church was also shared with the Korean community.

In 1972, Fr. John B. Mak was appointed to Our Lady of Mount Carmel as the second resident Pastor until July 2001. His legacy stretched the span of 29 years(from 1972 to 2001).

On November 1 2001, Fr. Peter Chin, C.Ss.R. was appointed to Our Lady of Mount Carmel as the third resident Pastor, and installed a month later, December 1, 2011. Father Chin retired on June 28, 2023. He served the church for 22 years (from 2001 to 2023). During his tenure, Father Chin re-consolidated the building structure of the church, replaced roof tiles; and huge interior restoration works to its original beauty.

On June 28, 2023, Archbishop of Toronto Francis Leo appointed Father John Feng Erhui as the fourth resident Pastor to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church.

We are blessed to celebrate the Eucharist in this holy sanctuary. We still continue to uphold the beautiful tradition of Our Lady of Carmel Church and welcome Chinese speaking parishioners from all over the world.


Memorial Chapel  

memorial chapel

The soul is immortal, human death is separation of soul and body, the body returns to earth , the soul  returns to heaven ----- soul is in the image of God.  In this, our ancestors are still alive, their spirits are not dead and their merits are still here. Descendants tend to hold on to something to enable them  to remember their ancestors. In filial piety and due diligence of the forth commandment --- "honor your father and mother" in the life after death, Memorial Chapel is a place which may be use it as a shrine to remember our ancestors. In each Sunday's mass, we will pray for them. "Memorial Chapel" regularly holds masses for the ancestors which is a great benefit for their souls. For inquiry to set up a memorial plaque for your ancestors in the Memorial Chapel, please contact Fr. John Feng for details.


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In your kindness, please remember our parish in your bequests.  Please contact Fr. John Feng, Pastor for detail.